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Types of Forms
  • Captain's Daily Log
  • Coast Guard Form 2692
  • Drill Meeting
  • Engine Room Log
  • Grocery List
  • Inventory Status
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Lightering Equipment
  • Master Log
  • On/Off Voyage Crew
  • Payroll Sheet
  • Pre-Departure Checklist
  • Radio Log
  • Ship’s Log
  • Start of Hitch Inspection
  • Statement of Facts
  • Supply Requisition
  • Vessel Maintenance Log
  • Voyage Crewmember
  • Workboat Securite Calls

Boatracs BTForms™

Boatracs BTForms™ delivers workboat companies a solution to convert their custom paper logs and forms into simple fill-in electronic forms for captains and crew to complete with an on-board PC.

The result is consistent clean data on the shore for faster billing, better reports and greater productivity. Customers have seen as much as a 33% decrease in time required to process forms!

Easy to Use
Simplify reporting from the vessel with custom electronic versions of your current forms. Data is entered on a smart form
and verified before transmission.
Easy to Install
Up and running on the vessel in minutes with an easy to install PC-based application. Forms and updates are done over-the-air with live 24/7/365 support.
Bill Customers Faster
Get access to accurate and reliable operational data when you need it to bill and service your customers better and faster. Easily
pull data into other applications.
Reduce Paperwork
Eliminate errors and repetitive manual entry with pre-populated smart forms. Data footprint is kept to a minimum and sent to shore, where users see an identical copy.
Access to Data
Manage operations with accurate data that is transmitted near real time and compiled into a variety of shoreside reports. Better data means better insight into your business!
Increase Productivity
Reduce time spent by captains and staff on paperwork and data collection. Automate reporting and compliance with greater accuracy and less resources.
"Feedback from the captains has been excellent. We now have consistent and accurate vessel information and the ability to generate valuable shore-side reports for operational analytics. BTForms is a big win for a maritime operation like ours – ease of use for our captains, streamlined operations for management and better customer service for our clients."

- Rocky Gunter, Director of Profitability
& Financial Analysis
United Barge Lines
Contact a sales representative today for more information. 1-877-468-8722;