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Express Web™

Express Web offers an economical, easy-to-use means of automating workflow and integrating data between vessels and shore offices. Express Web enables you to easily locate vessels, receive daily vessel logs to ensure prompt billing and much more. Express Web includes:

  • Hourly positioning data: Latitude/longitude readings automatically transmitted to shore every 60 minutes.
  • Easy-to-use forms: Towboat captains simply tab to the desired fields and fill in the blanks.
  • Master's logs and morning reports: Record routine vessel activities including loading, discharging, cargo, and fuel transfers, and transmit to shore office.
  • Safety reports: Capture essential records of accidents, incidents, and required safety meetings as they occur and immediately transmit to shore management.
  • Towboat and barge requisitions: Make sure that needed parts, supplies, and activities are ready when vessels dock, by transmitting maintenance and repair needs and supply orders to shore.
  • Coast Guard reports: Expedite compliance by entering data into USCG-approved standard forms.
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