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OmniTRACS is Boatracs' core product, providing customers with the most reliable, simple and cost-effective satellite data communications in the industry.

Boatracs has a long-standing relationship with Qualcomm, a leading satellite transmission provider. Qualcomm’s OmniTRACS is an interactive information management system that includes two-way mobile communications, GPS satellite tracking and fleet management software.


The OmniTRACS system is an integrated communications tool that provides real-time data from the vessel to shore-side operations. Bundled with one or more of our software options, OmniTRACS delivers substantial value for fleet owners and operators.

  • Flexible and Affordable - The lowest cost solution in the industry with usage-based or fixed monthly data plans. Many customers pay less than $100 per month for a web-based satellite communications solution.
  • No Dead Zones - Reliable, durable and dependable for communications in any area and any weather. Communicate with vessels and crew 24 hours a day for faster billing, efficient requisitions and repairs, and better operations.
  • Mapping - Put vessel positions at the fingertips of your dispatchers with current as well as historical vessel location information displayed on a map and on a list. Mile markers, lease blocks and other landmarks available to display.
  • Simple to Use - Easy-to-use interface for Captains and crew, and you don’t need an IT department to install and maintain the system. In fact, some customers have been using their equipment for over 13 years - a great investment.
  • Live Customer Care - Boatracs has a simple customer support policy: When you call, we answer. Live representatives take your calls 24/7/365 to provide immediate assistance and keep your fleet working.
OmniTRACS service provides regional coverage in North America with geostationary KU-band satellites. Move your mouse over each element in the diagram for more information.