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Case Studies

Here are just a few examples of how Boatracs helps companies optimize efficiency in their operations:

Case Study: Omega Protein
How To Manage a Rapid and Successful Satellite Communications Implementation

Time is money in most businesses today, especially commercial fishing. The efficiency and ease-of-use of each vesselís wireless data system is a key determinant of fleet profitability.

Case Study: United Barge Lines
Using BTForms to Improve Data Integrity, Vessel Productivity and Operational Efficiency

United Barge Lines (UBL) is the inland barging division of United Maritime Group, specializing in the inland transportation of dry bulk materials. UBL operates a fleet of owned towboats as well as covered and open hopper barges to expedite dry bulk cargoes to and from virtually any spot on the Ohio River, the Illinois river or the Mississippi River, St. Louis and south. The fleet is often out of cellular range, relying on satellite communications for two-way messaging related to dispatch and operations.

Customer Profile: United Tugs
Using BT Forms to Improve Compliance Communications

Tom Dantin, Vice President of Operations for United Tugs, Inc. is forward thinking when it comes to running the company better, and communications is no exception.

At United Tugs weíre always looking for better ways to communicate with our vessels,” says Dantin. “Because of the ever expanding requirements put on us by regulators, customers and our own safety management system, we were desperate to find a real time solution to sharing information with our offshore vessels that are beyond cell phone service.


Biblia, Inc. is a small family owned towing business based out of Savannah, GA. We started using Boatracs back in 2008, as a dependable way to track and communicate with our boats when they were out of cell or radio range. Satellite phones were expensive and not dependable. Boatracs allows me to keep constant contact with my vessels. This provides a valuable tool and lessens our risk while at sea.

Thanks, Boatracs!”

Biblia, Inc.
I donít know how I lived without it!!!! Being able to communicate with any vessel at any time in any weather condition made my job a lot easier. Iíve been the cellular and the global communications route but nothing compares to the reliability of Boatracs.
W. D. "Butch" Bazer, Operations Manager
Aries Marine - Liftboat Division
Boatracs has been the backbone of our communications system within our fleet for the last ten years. With Boatracs you get instant messages and replies, regardless of vessel location or weather conditions. With Boatracs, we know where our vessels are located any time of the day. Today, it would be unimaginable for us to operate without Boatracs.
Steve Marcrum, Port Captain
Candy Fleet Corporation, Morgan City, LA
We selected Boatracs based on its superior record of product performance and reliability, and outstanding customer service and support, Boatracs was able to implement the solution very quickly, responding to our schedule and business needs every step of the way. We look forward to continuing to work with Boatracs to achieve significant operational efficiencies as we delve deeper into utilizing the systemís full capabilities.
Joseph Kadi, Senior Vice President, Operations
Omega Protein, Houston, TX