Emergency Response and Disaster Backup Services

When emergencies arise, fast response is critical to safety and operations. Boatracs' customer care center is behind you every step of the way, with the experience to quickly respond to any emergency.

Customer Care Emergency Services

In an emergency, here’s how our NOC will support you:
  • Contact the U.S. Coast Guard.
  • In the event your shore office loses power, telephone, PC connection or must be evacuated, Boatracs will act as your dispatch office
  • Relay your messages to your vessels via telephone, fax or e-mail.
  • Respond to vessel’s panic button, customer care immdediatley acts on your pre-determined emergency procedure kept on file
  • Provide position histories and detailed maps

Boatracs Responds During 9/11 Crisis

When the World Trade Center towers were attacked, our Boatracs staff contacted all of our customers in the New York harbor area to offer assistance and to verify that their communications were working. Boatracs was the primary mode of communications for many, with telephone and cellular circuits overloaded.

K-Sea Transportation Services of Staten Island, New York, was unable to contact their vessels using telephone and Internet services. To communicate quickly with their vessels, they got help from Boatracs and installed a Boatracs Mobile Communications Terminal in their offices. The MCT provided a vital link between managers, captains, and customers.

As people lined the docks in lower Manhattan on September 11, towboats transported survivors to their home shore for medical attention. The men and women of Moran Towing, Bouchard Transportation and Reinauer Transportation were among many Boatracs customers who were unsung heroes that day

Disaster backup during Tropical Storm Allison

Severe flooding caused by Tropical Storm Allison forced the office evacuation of Coastal Towing of Houston, Texas. The Boatracs NOC stepped in and acted as Coastal Towing’s master account, providing communications to vessels until the office could be reopened.

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